Yeast Infection


What causes a yeast infection?

Yeast infections are the result of an excessive growth of Candida albicans. This type of infection grows easily in certain types of environments.

Not changing sanitary pads or tampons often enough can create an environment that supports and encourages the growth of yeast.

The use of antibiotics will kill off the healthy bacteria in the vagina that helps to keep the growth of yeast in check.

Patients who have consistently high blood sugar levels may also be a good candidate for a yeast infection.

The key is to keep the genital area clean and avoid having any type of sexual activity with a partner that may have a yeast infection.

Are yeast infections contagious?

Yeast infections are contagious and can be transmitted through both oral and vaginal sex. Oral thrush is more common than many people think and can be passed from one person to another by kissing.

Washing the genitals immediately after having sexual intercourse may reduce the risk of contracting a yeast infection from someone else.

If there is any indication that a person may have a sexually transmitted disease or infection of any kind, avoid having any type of contact with them. If oral thrush is present, no sexual contact is needed to transmit the infection.

How are yeast infections treated?

Dr. Brooks can treat yeast infections through the use of several different medications. Topical creams may be applied to the genitals or oral medications can be taken to help reestablish the body's delicate pH balance.

It is important to bathe regularly and wear loose-fitting undergarments to prevent additional growth. The key to controlling the growth of the yeast is to increase the number of beneficial bacteria that naturally control it.

If a patient experiences uncontrollable itching and intense discomfort that cannot be attributed to another source, it is likely a yeast infection may be present.

Never try to treat an infection without the supervision of a doctor. Always seek medical attention. Call Arizona Specialized Gynecology today if you are experiencing symptoms.

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