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Vaginal Laxity After Childbirth — We Can Help

To say there’s a steep learning curve after you bring your newborn home is the understatement of the century. In the midst of learning all you can about your sweet new arrival, you’ve likely noticed changes in your body that you can attribute to giving birth.

One change that can be uncomfortable and have you wondering whether you’re stuck with it permanently or not is post-childbirth vaginal laxity, or looseness. The condition is deserving of more attention because many women suffer from it during the months after they deliver.

Arizona Specialized Gynecology offers an innovative treatment for postpartum vaginal laxity, and Dr. Joseph Brooks provides it with his characteristic caring approach. The treatment is called Cynosure Vitalia™, and it brings new hope for laxity sufferers.

Understanding the effects of childbirth on the vagina

Delivering a baby is no small feat. Your vagina stretches to accommodate your baby as you give birth, and this stretching occurs whether you have a brief, intense birth process or a drawn out one that has you in labor for days. 

Laxity can be exacerbated by:

When you have a laxity problem, dryness is a byproduct as well, usually due to the unusual ups-and-downs of your estrogen production as your body settles itself from the birth and adjusts to its new normal, which may also include breastfeeding. 

The dryness associated with laxity also often leads to sexual problems, and many new moms also find that their sensitivity is greatly lessened. 

How can vaginal laxity be treated?

Dr. Brooks adopted minimally invasive Cynosure Vitalia because it so effectively mitigates laxity issues, and he understands well the need for new moms to feel the best they can after childbirth. 

Gently administered radiofrequency (RF) waves are what set Cynosure Vitalia apart from other treatments. Using a small, thin handheld device that’s specifically designed to ensure comfort during the procedure, Dr. Brooks performs the treatment.

The probe delivers highly controlled RF energy and heat to your vaginal tissues to promote the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins your own body makes that make your tissue firmer and more flexible. If needed, he can also treat your external labial tissue as well. 

Cynosure Vitalia’s advantages are undeniable and make it the obvious choice for a vaginal laxity solution:

An added benefit you gain from Cynosure Vitalia is the fact that it also helps control urinary incontinence, another common post-birth problem. Check out a brief Cynosure Vitalia informational video here

Improved sensation during intimacy, reduced dryness, and losing that loose feeling all contribute to improved self-esteem and a closer relationship with your partner. 

Find out more about the superior solution for vaginal laxity today

You deserve some TLC too. Call our office, or book an appointment online to learn more about how Cynosure Vitalia can help with your vaginal laxity issues.

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