Vaginal Itching and White Patches — It Could Be Lichen Sclerosus

Even if you’re truly a trooper — one of those who “keeps calm and carries on” — you’ll find it difficult to ignore the nagging, uncomfortable symptoms of a condition that primarily affects the skin around your genitals: lichen sclerosus.

Those who live with it deal with a range of persistent, unpleasant symptoms. Though there’s no cure for the condition, there are effective treatments to keep it under control and restore your comfort. 

Dr. Jonathan Brooks of Arizona Specialized Gynecology offers specialized treatment for lichen sclerosus, whether you’ve just noticed signs of it or have dealt with mysterious symptoms for a while. He helps you manage your condition and always treats it as it relates to your individual medical history, especially since there’s a genetic component to the disease

Lichen sclerosus symptoms are hard to ignore

You might think the symptoms you feel are because of an infection at first:

In addition, lichen sclerosus makes itself visible through white patches that you can see from your vulvar to anal areas and bruise marks. You can also experience difficulty with intercourse and urination. All in all, the condition wreaks havoc on your health and life.

What makes lichen sclerosus different

Several things set lichen sclerosus apart from many other health conditions:

This last reality is jarring, but because of Dr. Brooks’s vast experience treating patients with lichen sclerosus, he educates you on this aspect of the disease. 

Once he’s made a diagnosis, usually through performing a quick and painless biopsy, he begins developing your treatment plan. 

Treatment options for lichen sclerosus

Fortunately, Dr. Brooks offers treatments that bring welcome relief from the discomfort and visual symptoms of lichen sclerosus. He might prescribe a topical steroid ointment and provides an innovative platelet-rich plasma treatment called the O-Shot that’s been proven to improve symptoms. 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is noninvasive and actually uses your own reconstituted blood platelets to encourage revitalization in your vulval skin. Dr. Brooks delivers the treatment via injection.

Dr. Brooks also counsels you on things you can do at home to help alleviate symptoms, such as using moisturizers like Aquaphor®, applying cool compresses, enjoying warm baths, avoiding tight clothing, and wearing cotton underwear. 

The Arizona Specialized Gynecology team guides and treats you over the long-term, since lichen sclerosus needs ongoing management. 

Don’t hesitate to seek treatment for lichen sclerosus

Make scheduling an appointment with Arizona Specialized Gynecology the top item on your to-do list if you’re suffering with lichen sclerosus symptoms. Call us at 602-491-9576, or make one online

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