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Urinary Leakage After Childbirth — There Are Solutions

You’ve just gotten the incredible gift of your new baby, and you’re getting acclimated to being a new mom — adjusting to interrupted sleep, making sure your little one is well-fed and comfortable, and incorporating motherhood into your identity. Your body is also going through intense changes as it adjusts to existing in a non-pregnant state again.

There are some physical symptoms that are nuisances after you’ve had a baby that perhaps you hadn’t anticipated. One of them we hear about often at Arizona Specialized Gynecology is postpartum incontinence — the unexpected loss of urine that you can’t control after childbirth.

Fortunately, Dr. Joseph Brooks offers effective treatment for postpartum incontinence that offers many benefits. Everyone at Arizona Specialized Gynecology in Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to getting you back on your feet — and back in your groove — so you can return to the business of enjoying your baby!

Postpartum incontinence: An embarrassing and unexpected problem

It happens when you least expect it, the urinary leakage with which you have zero experience. Whether it’s provoked by a sneeze or a giggle, it’s unwanted and disconcerting. In fact, one study found that new moms who experience incontinence have double the risk for postpartum depression

Why does leakage happen after you have a baby?

As you now know, your body goes through a lot during childbirth, as well as afterward. A byproduct of birth is that it weakens the muscles that surround your bladder and pelvis, but usually this isn’t permanent. Still, it can take months to get back to normal. 

Your hormones are all over the place, and your uterus also shrinks back to its original pre-birth size, but is positioned atop your bladder. This makes for a pressurized situation.  

What treatments are available for postpartum urinary leakage?

Fortunately, Dr. Brooks has had success helping women with an innovative treatment called TempSure™ Vitalia, part of a suite of advanced treatments that address everything from sagging facial skin to vaginal dryness. 

The technology behind TempSure Vitalia is radio frequency energy, and Dr. Brooks has the ability to provide targeted treatment with its specially designed handheld probe. Inserted into your vagina, the device causes no pain. The treatment helps to solve your incontinence problem, but leaves the internal tissue surrounding your treatment area completely unaffected. 

During a treatment, you simply feel mild heat over which Dr. Brooks has precise control. Sensors are also built into the device to monitor the temperature of your treatment and ensure its safety and your comfort. 

Treatments fuel the production of the proteins collagen and elastin, which are strengthening and supportive. 

We’ve gotten fantastic feedback from our patients about TempSure Vitalia, and we know it has to do not only with Dr. Brooks’s skill and compassion, but the treatment’s many advantages:

With this many benefits, there’s every reason to look into TempSure Vitalia if you’re in need of help with leakage after delivery. Dr. Brooks works out a treatment schedule with you depending on your needs. 

Steps you can take yourself at home in the interim are using bladder control pads and performing Kegel exercises, but TempSure Vitalia offers incomparable, accelerated relief right away. 

Don’t delay pursuing treatment for postpartum urinary incontinence

Worries about leakage are unquestionably upsetting. Call our office to schedule a consultation about TempSure Vitalia with Dr. Brooks, or request one online. Every COVID-19 safety precaution is being practiced in our office to ensure everyone’s safety. 

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