Revitalize Your Vagina With an O-Shot

Ever-increasing work demands, taking care of children and older family members, and simply getting older and experiencing the estrogen decrease that accompanies menopause all contribute to diminished sexual function and enjoyment for women. Vaginal dryness and lowered sex drive can combine to make orgasms things of the past.

Dr. Joseph Brooks offers a truly reinvigorating treatment for the vagina called the O-Shot® that not only allows you better quality orgasms, but more of them. The entire staff at Arizona Specialized Gynecology is excited to offer this completely safe treatment, which uses your body’s own healing powers to successfully address sexual dysfunction. 

Why the O-Shot?

The O-Shot addresses something that’s long been ignored by medicine — women’s sexual satisfaction. Some think it’s inevitable that as women get older, desire just goes away and it’s no big deal, but judging from what we hear from our patients, nothing could be further from the truth. 

After all, Viagra® and similar medications have been available to men for years. It’s about time something equally revolutionary was developed for women, and now it has been.

How does the O-Shot work?

O-Shot treatment is safe, non-invasive, and requires zero post-treatment downtime. The O-Shot is a treatment that employs platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which makes use of your body’s restorative agents to give you back your ability to orgasm and experience better quality orgasms.

When you come to our office for an O-Shot treatment, we do all we can to make you relaxed and answer all your questions. We first take a small blood sample from your arm and put it in a device called a centrifuge that spins it at a high speed and essentially reconstitutes it. 

The process separates the platelet-rich plasma, which is gold in color (liquid gold, many call it) from your red blood cells. We then gently reinject the PRP into the front wall of your vagina after we’ve applied a numbing agent. As for recovery, you may feel slight sensitivity the day of your treatment, but that’s usually about it.

Since your platelets are blood cells that have lots of growth factors in them, they fuel cell growth and actually help your body create new blood vessels and nerves. 

This regeneration results in more sensitivity. As you find your sexual responsiveness grows, you experience more and better orgasms because of revitalized vaginal and clitoral tissue, and the tension that has likely existed between you and your partner because of these issues evaporates.

Our O-Shot patients report that in the first week after treatment, they notice increased sensation, and around the three- to four-week mark, new tissue development starts and continues over a couple of months. At about three months post-treatment, the regeneration maxes out, and you enjoy the results of it typically for about a year or more.

Every woman is different, so before you get the O-Shot, Dr. Brooks goes over your medical history and as you receive treatment and he monitors you, he recommends a regimen customized for you. 

We hear repeatedly from patients that their intimacy doesn’t just improve marginally, it improves drastically!

Look into how the O-Shot could restore intimacy with your partner

Find out if the O-Shot is right for you by scheduling a consultation with us. Call our office, or book an appointment on our website. We want all our patients to know also that we’re taking every precaution to keep you safe as we continue to be mindful of COVID-19.


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