Let’s Talk About Painful Sex

Let’s face it. Sex is rarely an easy thing to talk about, and if you’re experiencing pain during sex, you may wonder if you’ll ever enjoy intimacy with your partner again. The great news is, innovative treatments exist to help with this problem.  

Dr. Joseph Brooks offers compassionate care, an attuned listening ear, and advanced skills when he creates your treatment plan. He has assembled a highly trained, stellar team and everyone at Arizona Specialized Gynecology is dedicated to helping you enjoy pain-free sex again.

Multiple reasons for painful sex in women

The clinical term for painful sex is dyspareunia, but whatever you call it, it poses significant problems for couples. Unfortunately, pain during sex can stem from a host of physical and emotional problems:

With this many possible origins, you might wonder how Dr. Brooks starts to investigate your history of pain during sex and even more so, what he prescribes to alleviate it. 

21st-century solutions for painful sex

We pride ourselves in offering the most sophisticated care if you’re suffering with sex that’s unsatisfying, or even impossible, due to pain:

The O-Shot uses your body’s own healing powers to address pain during sex by increasing lubrication and residual vaginal discomfort related to childbirth. 

Dr. Brooks takes a small blood sample, separates and reconstitutes your platelets in a device called a centrifuge, and the result is special platelet-rich plasma that he reinjects into your labia, G-spot, and clitoris. This activates your natural healing ability and prompts collagen production.  

Another effective treatment we offer is MonaLisa Touch, which employs laser therapy to restore vaginal elasticity and its ability to produce moisture, as well as address vaginal atrophy. The energy produced by the treatment promotes collagen production, so your blood flow and lubrication improve. 

TempSure Vidalia also makes a difference in our patients’ lives. It centers on refreshing your collagen and elastin production by using radiofrequency heat waves to tighten vaginal skin and provide relief for dryness. These treatments don’t take much time, are delivered with a handheld device that is designed to harmonize with your body, and results are nearly immediate.

Each of these treatments helps you with the problem of painful sex in a minimally invasive way. Better yet, you can jump right back into real life immediately after treatment. 

Dr. Brooks offers treatments specific to health conditions like endometriosis and medications to clear up infections, in addition to these solutions. If your pain can’t be traced to a physical cause, a counselor or sex therapist may be able to help. 

Relieve pain during sex

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