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Is a Labiaplasty Right For You?

Our bodies are wonderfully varied, but what separates a variation from a difference that can turn problematic? The vulva consists of the outer and inner skin folds that surround your vagina. Known as the labia majora and labia minora respectively, they can become larger at puberty, after childbirth, or as you age

This condition is also known as vaginal hypertrophy, and most of the time it doesn’t cause significant problems or discomfort, but in some instances it can.

Dr. Joseph Brooks and the team at Arizona Specialized Gynecology have experience counseling women affected by enlarged labia and presenting them with a surgical solution called labiaplasty. The procedure can eliminate problems associated with enlarged labia, which cause discomfort or that have worsened with age. 

When do enlarged labia become problematic?

If your labia are enlarged and the condition negatively affects your everyday life and wellbeing, then it’s considered a problem. You may notice that your inner labia may have grown so big that they hang down and extend even beyond your labia majora. 

The bottom line is that your comfort shouldn’t be compromised by your anatomy.

Enlarged labia can cause:

For many women, enlarged labia aren’t a problem, they’re merely a difference. But if you’ve had to tuck them in when they protrude from your bathing suit, you don’t need that kind of worry and discomfort.

A surgical solution for vaginal hypertrophy

If enlarged labia minora have become a persistent problem and interfere with your quality of life, labiaplasty, or a surgical reduction of the labia, is a practical and safe solution. The frequently performed surgery corrects two problems: the phenomenon of the inner labia extending beyond the outer labia and the vast difference in length of the two labia minora. 

Choice of two labiaplasty methods

Dr. Brooks performs two types of labiaplasty procedures, depending on your situation and needs:

The recovery from the trim procedure is faster than if you have the wedge procedure, but Dr. Brooks will have an in-depth discussion with you to determine which is the better option.

Care after labiaplasty

It’s normal to experience some pain after your labiaplasty procedure, as well as swelling, which may take up to six months to completely disappear. We advise elevating your surgical area and holding a cold pack in place by positioning it between your underwear and an elastic supportive garment.

We also recommend that you refrain from having sex and using tampons for about four to six weeks after your procedure. 

Is labiaplasty right for you?

If enlarged labia have become more than just an infrequent disruption in your life, consider labiaplasty. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brooks by calling our office or using the online booking tool on our website, and get all your questions answered.

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