How to Avoid Holiday Meltdowns and Stress

With the holidays quickly approaching, you can’t help but have increased stress levels. It’s to be expected! Things typically get completely out of control during the holidays. Turkeys will be burned. Flights will be canceled and if you have kiddos, they will definitely be off the wall excited for the upcoming season! How you react to it determines how the holiday will be remembered and this kind of pressure hits some people harder than others. So how can you overcome these struggles and avoid the inevitable meltdowns?

Focus On What Is Realistic— NOT Ideal

Without being realistic, you risk facing major disappointment when things don’t go as planned. Who wants to ever be disappointed? Perfectionists must remember that preparing for a holiday is not a one-person task; reaching out to a support system to delegate tasks can really lighten the load. Enlist in help from your spouse, siblings or even the kiddos if they’re old enough!

Don’t Overbook

Chances are, the holiday invitations are hitting your inbox and mailbox. Between the office party, family commitments, and one-day sales, you can be stretched—too thin. Clearly your calendar is going to look INSANE! Remember, it’s okay to say NO! You don’t have to attend every party you’re invited too. Schedule time to do the holiday activities you enjoy and prioritize your commitments!

Make Sleep a Priority

During the holidays you are mostly likely up at the crack of dawn to get things in order! But just because you have things to do, you shouldn’t skip out on getting a great night’s rest! Skimping on sleep can leave you grumpy and even more stressed out. You’ll increase your risk of getting sick and it throws your diet off. So what do you do? Make sleep a PRIORITY!

Exercise and Fuel Your Body Properly

The holidays are typically geared around food and alcohol. We get to enjoy all of our favorite holiday treats and embrace in extra family time. Those two things lead to a very slippery slope of weight gain and guilt. Before you know it, your pants are too tight and you’re feeling extremely sluggish!

Although the holidays are a busy time, make time for YOU! Get your daily exercise in of at least 30 minutes and fuel your body with the appropriate foods. Not only will you have increase energy but when the endless amounts of cookies, cakes and delicious treats start circulating, you won’t feel guilty for taking part in the festivities!

Don’t let the holidays stress you out! These simple tips will help you stay stress free and allow you to truly enjoy the amazing holiday season ahead!

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