Five Great Benefits of a Labiaplasty

When you ride your bicycle, do you feel an intense discomfort that others don’t seem to experience? Or maybe you start to get intimate but then pull away; what if your partner thinks your vagina looks different? Then there’s the yoga pants struggle! It doesn’t matter how many you put on; they always seem to accentuate the one thing you want to hide. 

Having enlarged labia is not only embarrassing, but it can also hinder you from enjoying normal activities. The good news is that you don’t have to live with the insecurity any longer. 

Joseph Brooks, MD, at Arizona Specialized Gynecology in Phoenix can help you decide if labiaplasty is right for you. 

How can you benefit from labiaplasty?

This simple outpatient procedure can enhance your life in many ways and alleviate some of these struggles. Here are five of the most significant benefits you can expect from your labiaplasty. 

1. Improved aesthetics 

While there are no “standard labia,” some women feel as though their vaginal lips are abnormally long. This can be difficult in a society where we constantly compare ourselves to others. 

Some women feel that their labia and vagina as a whole is more appealing to look at after a labiaplasty. It allows them to get closer to what they consider to be ideal. With an improved aesthetic, they can be more open with their partner without fear of rejection or judgment. 

2. Increased comfort 

Larger labia can also make certain activities more challenging. Overly long labia can cause discomfort even when you’re just riding a bicycle. 

After a labiaplasty, these types of activities will become easier. The less pronounced labia are less likely to move into a position that could cause pain. Little things that used to be a challenging will become things you don’t think twice about. 

3. Greater confidence 

It is hard to be confident when there’s something about yourself that makes you feel self-conscious. It’s even harder when that self-doubt happens to involve an intimate area of your body. 

After your labiaplasty, you will gain confidence that will shine through to your everyday life. This confidence will come from the fact that you have the strength to address and resolve something that bothers you. 

4. Enhanced pleasure 

Labia folds that are larger can cause discomfort or even pain during sexual intercourse. This can lead women to avoid sexual contact altogether. 

After your labiaplasty heals, you’ll experience an increase in pleasure. First, you’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy the experience instead of focusing on your insecurities. Second, you’ll be able to fully enjoy intercourse without your labia getting in the way and causing pain. 

5. Broader wardrobe options 

Some clothing options are just not possible when you have more pronounced labia. Tight clothing is especially troublesome and stress-inducing. 

After a labiaplasty, this is no longer a problem. You can enjoy wearing bathing suits, yoga pants, leggings, tight pants, and even body-skimming dresses. Tight pants that used to rub and chafe are now an option. 

Schedule your labiaplasty consultation

If you feel uncomfortable or are in pain from enlarged labia folds, then it’s time to take action. A labiaplasty can help you feel confident and start enjoying a better quality of life. Once healed, you can embrace life, sexual intimacy, and a whole new wardrobe. 

The team at Arizona Specialized Gynecology is here to help. Dr. Brooks brings expert knowledge and experience that can help you gain confidence and enjoyment with a labiaplasty procedure. 

Request an appointment online or give us a call to schedule your labiaplasty consultation today.

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