Fall is a Great Time for Mom to Make Time for Herself

When you’re a busy mom, living that mom life, you tend to stop taking care of yourself properly. School’s back in session and the kids are settled. You finally get to have a piece of your life back. So what should you do when that happens? Start focusing on yourself and your goals!

Step 1: Get your body moving.
Exercise is extremely important. Whether you need to exercise more or just switch up your daily routine, choosing activities that motivate you consistently will not only keep your body, but your mind sharp. Take a yoga, spin or dance class to make things fun and enjoyable!

2. Feed your body well.
Food if fuel. Without the proper nutrition, your body doesn’t function right. Drink water instead of soda. Meal prep is key. Take a few minutes to plan what you’re going to keep in your fridge each week so you can make quick, healthy, easy meals. When you fuel your body with the right kinds of food, it will thank you by giving you tons of energy!

3. Get connected.
Don’t let your busy day take away from quality time with your loved ones. Make it a priority to set family time each day. Don’t forget about your hubby! If weekly date nights can’t happen, set time aside to connect with one another on a daily basis. Feel like you don’t have enough time for your friends? Schedule a Saturday morning coffee session to gossip about the past week’s events!

4. Put your healthcare on the calendar.
You wouldn’t allow your kiddos to miss their doctor appointment, so don’t let yourself! Don’t ignore your body’s signals and neglect getting the medical attention you need. Health scares can happen. Keeping up on your routine check-ups is vital to your health. Schedule your annual exams accordingly and always remember to listen to the signs.

5. Make sleep a priority.
Mom’s seem to ALWAYS be exhausted. Between running around with the kids, and just the daily struggles of mom life, you typically lose out on a lot of sleep! In order to be the best you, your overall health needs to be up to standards. This includes getting enough sleep. Having trouble sleeping? Try avoiding food, alcohol, emotionally upsetting conversations, and stimulants (such as caffeine and nicotine) prior to bedtime.

Remember, being a mom is a wonderful, life changing experience, but in order to be the best version of you, you must take care of yourself first and foremost!

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