Does sex hurt? It’s time to see a medical professional.

Dyspareunia—you may not have heard of this, but you may be suffering from it.

It’s the medical term used to describe painful intercourse and it’s common for women to suffer from this condition at some point during their lives. Pain during intercourse can be the result of easily fixable changes—such as using more lubrication during sex—or something more serious like a physical injury to the vagina or a disease or illness.

While pain may occur during intercourse, the first thing to know is it’s not your fault. And second, it’s time to speak with a medical professional.

Dr. Brooks and the team at Arizona Specialized Gynecology haven’t “seen it all” as the cliche goes, but they’ve seen a lot. They’re here to help you, to counsel you, and to provide the best treatment for you. It’s as easy as scheduling your first appointment today.

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