Are Your Enlarged Labia Causing Problems?

The anatomy of your vagina is complex and intricately designed. Your labia — the lips of your vagina — are folds that conceal the fat and muscle surrounding your vaginal opening. The labia majora and minora (literally larger and smaller lips) protect your clitoris as well, the only organ that exists solely for providing sexual pleasure. 

The labia become engorged when a woman is sexually aroused, but sometimes women suffer from labia that are uncomfortably and abnormally enlarged all the time. Women with enlarged labia often find their sexual enjoyment hindered and feel self-conscious and different.

Dr. Joseph Brooks performs an advanced surgical technique called labiaplasty that permanently reduces the size of your labial folds, restores your comfort with your partner, and enhances overall self-confidence. 

If you undergo this procedure with us, you’re in the best of hands. Dr. Brooks has special expertise in performing this surgery, and everyone at Arizona Specialized Gynecology ensures that you’re well-prepared and comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. 

Who is affected by labia enlargement and what problems does the condition cause?

Some babies are born with enlarged labia, sometimes it develops as puberty occurs, and pregnancy can also cause enlargement. Sometimes labial growth is a byproduct of getting older.

If your labia minora hang down below your labia majora, you’re likely uncomfortable physically and emotionally. This condition not only causes friction and pain, it can make cleaning your vaginal area harder and sex painful. 

You may also feel embarrassment when your labia fall out of your underwear or bathing suit. The worry that this might happen can be consuming. 

What’s involved in labiaplasty?

During a labiaplasty procedure, Dr. Brooks reshapes your labial area by trimming the surplus skin of your labia minora. This prevents them from protruding beyond the labia majora, which they shouldn’t, and if your labia are asymmetrical, it also corrects that. 

Two labiaplasty techniques

Dr. Brooks either performs what’s called a trim procedure to correct your enlarged labia, or a wedge procedure. You and Dr. Brooks decide together which one is better for you.

The trim procedure is the most frequently performed type of labiaplasty, in which Dr. Brooks removes any problematic extra tissue from your labia minora. Afterward, he closes the incision promptly. 

During the wedge procedure, Dr. Brooks removes a small piece of triangular-shaped tissue from your labia minora. He may also remove excess folds from your clitoral hood. After these adjustments, he closes your incision with absorbable sutures, eliminating the need for you to return to have them removed.

Though recovery is faster with the trim procedure, some women require the wedge procedure, which Dr. Brooks does with your comfort in mind as well. Whichever one you receive, expect some post-procedure pain and swelling. 

To address this, we have you apply a cold pack to your protected vaginal area (we suggest you tuck it between your underwear and an undergarment made with elastic) and elevate it, which patients report is soothing. In just a month or so, you can have sex with your partner again. 

Our patients who’ve had labiaplasty swear by it, and how much it boosts their quality of life. Imagine regaining your comfort with intimacy and never feeling reticent about going swimming in a cute suit again!

To find out whether you’re a candidate for labiaplasty, set up a consultation with Dr. Brooks. He answers all your questions and can help you arrive at the right solution. Call our office, or book an appointment with us online

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