10 Self-Care Tips to De-Stress Your Life

With 2019 in full swing it’s already easy to be overwhelmed by the new year and to be stressed out; and that can effect your physical and emotional health. Take a deep breath and read these ten easy tips to de-stress your life.

1. Identify and eliminate triggers

Sometimes it’s easy to just brush off the small irritants in life rather than cutting them out completely. They can be as small as a kitchen drawer that doesn’t close completely or as major as that toxic friend who always leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Now’s the time to identify what sets you off and cut it out of your life.

2. Take time for yourself each day

Life gets busy—work, family, friends, bills, traffic, doctor’s appointments, getting dinner on the table—and it’s all too easy to ignore your number responsibility: yourself.

3. Smile

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